Production Committee

The Production Committee is responsible for finalising the show content, casting, scheduling and rehearsals to put on the show. They meet frequently as required, during show rehearsal season.

Selected by: Committee Responsible and Reports to: Committee
Role period: mid-April- early August 2020

Consists of:

  • Production manager
  • Committee representative
  • Treasurer
  • Scene directors
  • choreographer
  • Musical director
  • Technical manager
  • Wardrobe supervisor– when required
  • Set and Props Manager – when required
  • Stage Manager – when required
  1. Develops budget (approval by committee) for entire production, including at least the following categories, publicity, programmes, music, costumes, set construction expenses, lighting and sound costs.
  2. Develops and maintains overall production schedules.
  3. Manages auditions, rehearsal space and production meetings.
  4. Develops and manages rehearsal schedule.

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