Front of house team

If you would like to contribute but can't commit to a whole show season then a front of house role may be perfect for you. Our key roles are front of house manager and bar manager but we also need door hosts and bar staff each night.

Front of House Manager

Selected by: Committee Reports to: Committee, President
Role period:
Show season - 8 weeks; plus dress rehearsal
Estimated volunteer hours:4 hours per show x 8 shows

  1. Ensure that the people are aware of their role and expected dress code.
  2. Organises front of house personnel roster for each show night
  3. Respond to any house-keeping issues on the night
  4. Monitors audience behaviour and steps in if required
  5. Responsible for meet and greet, door security and lights on show nights.
  6. Manage any evacuation procceedures in the event of an emergency

Door hosts - 3 hours per night.

Bar manager 

Selected by: Committee Reports to: Committee, President
Role period:
May - August 2020
Estimated volunteer hours:

This is a key role with fiscal responsibility, and a bar managers licence. We may also ask for a police check.

  1. Organises the purchase and storage of alcohol and bar food.
  2. Organises bar staff with support from front of house manager, and any vetting of staff
  3. Works with the treasurer to manage bar takings and audit stock.
  4. Fill out CCC licence applications

Bar staff - 4 hours per night.

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